Weekly Column 20.03.18

Tackling serious violence is a top priority for the Government and I welcomed the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s announcement in the Spring Statement that there will be £100 million additional funding in 2019/20 to tackle serious violence, including £80m of new funding from the Treasury.

The first role of Government is to protect the public and that is why we are taking determined action to stop serious violence.

I am always pleased to visit and do what I can to support the many fantastic local charities that we have here in the Moorlands. One of these is Sporting Communities which is currently delivering a Mobile youth project called M.Y Voice. The project’s aim is to connect with young people across the Moorlands directly within their communities with an objective of increasing the conversations and dialogue with young people about what matters to them, and their concerns, ambitions and opinions on the here and now.

The organisation has noticed a rise in the conversations surrounding knife crime and fear of crime and over the coming months, they will be calling on young people to become a part of a young people’s movement creating a forum in each area. This will then act as a conduit to formal structures such as the Police and local authorities, so they become part of the solution and decision-making process. A representative from the forum will then be invited to sit on an advice panel in London hosted by UK Youth to help to shape policy at the highest level.

Sporting Communities has a fantastic hands on approach and using their youth work community reassurance team and mobile youth bus, engage not only in conversations with young people but are seen to be modelling positive role models for young people to follow.