School Crossing Patrols

I am pleased that Staffordshire County Council have taken the decision not to stop funding the school crossing patrols service. 
I have been in contact with a number of schools to support them in this and feel that this is the right decision.
Could I ask any schools with further concerns on the issue to email me so that I can take up the matter with the relevant third party.


Last week I voted for a deal that delivers on the result of the referendum. One that sees the end of the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, that ends us having to pay vast sums to Brussels every week, that means that the UK Parliament decides on our immigration policy and that sees the UK leaving both the EU customs union and single market but which crucially protects jobs and security. 

Leek Moorlands Hospital

Moorlands MP, Karen Bradley, continues to urge residents in Staffordshire Moorlands to take part in the consultation organised by the local CCG, namely “The Future of Local Healthcare Services”.  

Cutting Crime

I am very encouraged to see that the latest crime statistics show that crime is down by 38 per cent since June 2010, and in the past year alone is down by 9 per cent in the year to June 2017. The independent Crime Survey for England and Wales, the best measure of crime experienced by individuals and families, also shows that crime is down by 70 per cent since its 1995 peak. This shows that police reform is working, and that families and communities are safer as a result. 

Supporting Local Farmers

Farming is an integral part of life in Staffordshire Moorlands and I have always supported local Moorlands farmers, be they dairy, beef, upland hill or other - whatever they may farm.
Food and farming is a bedrock of our economy and environment, generating £110 billion a year and helping shape some of our finest habitats and landscapes.