We are giving effect to the democratic decision of the people of the UK and will represent everyone in the negotiations, whether they voted Leave or Remain. Our shared values, interests and ambitions can – and must – bring us together as a country.

Leek Moorlands Hospital

I have received many emails and letters concerning Leek Moorlands Hospital and would like to update Moorlands residents on the situation.
I have always used Leek Moorlands Hospital and my family and I would always want to be treated there. I believe that saving Leek Moorlands Hospital is not about politics as some people are saying, but about everyone coming together on a cross-party basis to do the very best for Staffordshire Moorlands.

Cutting Crime

I am very encouraged to see that the latest crime statistics show that crime is down by 38 per cent since June 2010, and in the past year alone is down by 9 per cent in the year to June 2017. The independent Crime Survey for England and Wales, the best measure of crime experienced by individuals and families, also shows that crime is down by 70 per cent since its 1995 peak. This shows that police reform is working, and that families and communities are safer as a result. 

Supporting Local Farmers

Farming is an integral part of life in Staffordshire Moorlands and I have always supported local Moorlands farmers, be they dairy, beef, upland hill or other - whatever they may farm.
Food and farming is a bedrock of our economy and environment, generating £110 billion a year and helping shape some of our finest habitats and landscapes.

Creating Growth & Jobs

Since I was elected in 2010 there has been good news on jobs in the Moorlands. Under this Conservative government, unemployment continues to fall, meaning more people are in work, taking home a pay packet and are able to provide for their families.