Local News

World Cancer Day

I’m calling on people in the Moorlands to join me by wearing a Unity Band, making a donation or spreading the word on social media in support of World Cancer Day which on Saturday 4 February.

Holocaust Memorial Day

This week I signed the Holocaust Educational Trust’s Book of Commitment, pledging my commitment to Holocaust Memorial Day and honouring those who were murdered during the Holocaust as well as paying tribute to the extraordinary Holocaust survivors who work tirelessly to educate young people.

Community Support in 2017

For me, what makes Staffordshire Moorlands so special is the sense of community and belonging throughout our towns and villages.

Keeping The Moorlands Alive

My 2017 started with meetings and discussions about a question which is often raised in the Moorlands: how do we maintain the beauty and unique nature of the Moorlands whilst making sure that our towns and villages are vibrant places to live and work?

Happy New Year!

Seeing the bare and forlorn looking Christmas trees lining the streets of town, it is easy to feel a bit bleak about the end of the festive period and the prospect of real life resuming again.

Congratulations Sporting Communities CIC

Huge congratulations to our very own Sporting Communities Community Interest Company on winning two awards at the National Children and Young People Now Awards!

Constituent Coach Tour

As your elected representative in Westminster, I am in a unique position to speak up for the people of Staffordshire Moorlands and make sure that Government policy works for you.

Autumn Statement

Last week's Autumn Statement had lots of good news for Moorlanders. The freeze of fuel duty will help everyone who uses their car or van to get to work, school or for visiting family and friends.

A Busy Friday!

This weekend was certainly a busy one for the Moorlands. Which of course means that my weekend was busy too. Friday morning started with an appearance on Moorlands Radio. We are really lucky to have a local, community radio station, covering those local issues that matter to us.

Remembrance Sunday

Among the many things I love about the Moorlands are our wonderful Remembrance Sunday events. Since moving back to the area, I have been attending Remembrance events in Leek or Biddulph every year, and have always found them to be very memorable and dignified affairs.