Weekly Column 13.02.19

Last month I voted for a deal that delivers on the result of the referendum. One that sees the end of the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, that ends us having to pay vast sums to Brussels every week, that means that the UK Parliament decides on our immigration policy and that sees the UK leaving both the EU customs union and single market but which crucially protects jobs and security. 

Parliament has now sent a clear message about what Brexit deal it would support, indicating what needs to be changed so that we can secure a majority for a deal and honour the result of the referendum, and the Prime Minister is acting on that mandate.

Last week was a really busy week where I spent time both in Westminster and then in Northern Ireland with the Prime Minister meeting the five main Northern Irish parties to reaffirm our commitment to no hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland before returning home to the Moorlands.

Following some surgery meetings, it was lovely to visit St Luke’s Church of England Primary Academy in Endon to congratulate them on the award of their Academy status. I previously met a group of year 6 students from St Luke’s during their visit to Parliament and was pleased to be able to take up the invitation to visit the school and meet the children and the staff.

Following a meeting with Headteacher, Phil Wright, I was pleased to join a whole school Learning Forum. I then had a questions and answers session with years 5 and 6 and would like to thank the children for their very thoughtful questions about my role as MP and about the role of democracy in society. Thank you to everyone for such a lovely visit.