Philip Bradbourn MEP Lends Support to Karen's Campaign

Philip Bradbourn MEP came to Leek on Friday to support Karen Bradley's General Election campaign. As a Member of the European Parliament for the West Midlands, Philip's patch includes all of Staffordshire Moorlands and he was speaking to voters in Leek to help Karen get out the Conservative message.
Karen said:
"It was great to have Phillip's support in Staffordshire Moorlands today. Conservative MEPs have a very difficult job in fighting for our country's interests in Europe.
"Our policy is clear: we can't allow any more powers to drift to Europe. As soon as possible after the General Election, if the Conservatives win, we will pass a law that prevents any more powers being transferred to Brussels without a referendum. Gordon Brown broke his manifesto promise and denied us the right to vote on the Lisbon Treaty. Instead he sneaked off to Brussels to sign it alone. We can't allow that to happen again - we'll give our people the right to decide.
"We must remember Britain's worth to the EU and in the world and not sit back and the EU overwhelm our interests. We will be stronger in our negotiations and take as much power back as we can."
Karen is pictured setting out on the campaign trail with Philip, Cllr Gill Heath and supporters.