Karen visits Police Resolution Centre

Moorlands MP, Karen Bradley visited the Police Resolution Centre in Hanley recently to meet the staff and see how the centre operates first hand.

Members of the public and businesses who report non-emergency and non-urgent incidents and crimes can expect a call from an officer or trained investigator from the Force's Resolution Centre.

The Resolution Centre allows officers and investigators to start an investigation much more swiftly than in the past and to keep the member of the public or business up to date with progress either by phone or online.  As the investigation progresses, the case officer will continually assess and review whether an officer needs to visit to undertake any activity that he or she is unable to do themselves.

During the early testing of the Resolution Centre, the added convenience and speed of service has been welcomed by the public. For business owners, the ability to upload CCTV and complete other information online has also been positively received.

Karen said,

“It was really useful to visit the Hanley Police Resolution Centre and see how it operates first hand. I am often asked to raise residents’ concerns with the Police and it was really helpful to be able to discuss the different types of cases that I try to help with as MP.

"Thank you to Chief Inspector Mark Barlow for showing me around and explaining how the centre works."  


Chief Superintendent Wayne Jones said at the launch of the new centre,

“The Resolution Centre will significantly improve the way we serve the public. People now expect that in most cases contact will be over the phone, or even email.  For many people the idea of waiting in at home or having to travel to the Police Station to see an officer is an inconvenience - and in most cases just delays the start of an investigation.  

“We're really excited to be launching the Resolution Centre and we're convinced it will improve the service our public receive and will provide a more prompt response to victims and those seeking advice or support from the Police."


 The photo shows Karen with Chief Inspector Mark Barlow