Christmas 2018 Column

It is Christmas week and Staffordshire Moorlands, as always, is looking festive with many decorated trees and fairy lights. I would like to thank everyone working in our local shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants at this busy time of year, bringing in so many Christmas shoppers to the Moorlands. We have so much to offer in Staffordshire Moorlands from our farmers who produce some of the finest food right here to the many wonderful companies whose artisan wares are enjoyed both locally and all over the world. 

I visited the Leek sorting office recently and was pleased to be able to say thank you to our hardworking postmen and women who are particularly busy at this time of year, out in all weathers, making sure that our cards and presents are delivered to us on time.

I also want to thank all those working in the emergency services - the police, the fire service and ambulance crews who will be working over Christmas to keep us safe as well as the doctors and nurses working over the festive period to make sure that our loved ones are looked after and cared for. 

Christmas is a time to come together and many local residents are enjoying being at home, spending time with our families and celebrating with all the traditions of Christmas. I would like say thank you also to the many volunteers and charities who do so much for those in need at this time of year, especially the lonely and elderly. 

Finally, I know that you will join me in thinking of everyone working away from home including all those serving in the forces who can’t be with their loved ones at this special time of year. I wish everyone in Staffordshire Moorlands a very happy and peaceful Christmas.