The Kenelm Youth Trust

The Kenelm Youth Trust comprises of four agencies which provide services to young people aged 9 - 25;

The Soli Centre for Youth Ministry hosts retreats for young people as well as offering an outreach programme to schools and parishes.

Alton Castle is a Grade 2 listed Gothic castle that is home to a residential youth centre for young people. 

Kenelm Chaplaincy partners with school staff to support chaplaincy within secondary schools across the Archdiocese. 

Birmingham Catholic Youth Service supports youth ministry in parishes across the Archdiocese.

The Trust has over 60 years’ experience of providing life changing opportunities for young people.

The Castle is open 365 days a year and is used by the local community, as well as for retreats and summer camps. Our youth programmes are delivered during mainly term time, with a particular emphasis on economically disadvantaged children:around 60% come from areas of social, cultural & economic deprivation.  Disadvantages they face include disability, abuse, neglect, bereavement with resultant problems often manifesting in low self-esteem, disruptive behaviours, difficulties in communication.  The programmes are geared to increasing, developing self-esteem, broadening horizons challenging children mentally, physically and spiritually through indoor and outdoor education, from mountain biking to rock climbing.


CEO Sandra Satchell