Grindon Parish Council Support

Hello! If you are self-isolating or need a bit of support,  we can all help each other where we live

As councillors of Grindon Parish Council  G Nutter, N Distin,
P Pickford, R Tomkinson, P Botham, C Spinks and J Austin,
we all live within the parish & would like to help while you
                                     Stay at Home

If you need some support due to the Corona Virus (Covid-19), we can help with:

  • Essential shopping and collect other supplies
  • Posting urgent mail
  • A friendly chat (it’s not nice being home alone for days)

Just call one of the councillors above, or email the clerk Stephen Mansfield   who will pass on your message and we will do our best to help.

The District Council, County Council and voluntary groups are responding to the requests for help from those informed to Stay At Home and those wishing to volunteer.

Coronavirus is contagious. Please take every precaution to ensure you are spreading only kindness

  • Avoid physical contact (at least 2m distance)
  • Wash your hands before and after any delivery/collection
  • Items should be left on doorsteps
  • Don’t volunteer if you have a cough, cold or fever yourself OR anyone in your household has, in the past 2 weeks.

Also stay safe:

  • Don’t let strangers into your house
  • Don’t give bank details, bank cards or cash to those helpingIf you aren’t sure then you don’t have to accept help