Cutting Crime

Since 2010 in Staffordshire Moorlands, crime recorded by the police has fallen by 11%. This is great news proving that our community is becoming a safer place to live, work and raise a family.

 The Police Commissioner’s office, with my backing, has worked closely with the police service to spend public money more efficiently. We have brought in new expertise and managed finances more carefully, and this has resulted in big savings in expenditure. This means that money which was being wasted on inefficient programmes is now being used to bring great new policemen onto the streets to keep the people of our community safe.

 I am proud to say that the Moorlands is able to boast less crime than any other local area across the police force area of Staffordshire. Whereas the force average is 60 crimes per thousand residents per year, in the Moorlands, this figure is just 38. Over the next four years I will work with the Police Commissioner to make sure that Staffordshire Moorlands continues on this upwards trend, becoming a safer and safer place to live.