Vote for a Fair Deal for the Moorlands

As the election campaign gets underway Karen Bradley points out a timely reminder of why we need change in Staffordshire Moorlands as Labour has yet again let down rural areas. Conservative Party research has shown that Labour has "fiddled" local Government funding, taking away resources from rural areas like the Moorlands and instead giving it to cities where they think they can win.

Election Called - Finally a Chance to Choose a Brighter Future for Britain!

We've heard the news today that Gordon Brown is going to ask the Queen to dissolve Parliament. Karen Bradley, Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Staffordshire Moorlands, said: "I am delighted to hear that Gordon Brown has finally had the courage to call a General Election."

Karen Broadcasts on the Budget on Moorlands Radio

Karen appeared alongside local businessmen on the Sam Plank show on Moorlands Radio on Thursday to discuss the Budget and its effect on people in the Moorlands. During the hour long feature, the panel debated who from the Moorlands is better off from the Budget and who that many local people are worse off.

Darling's Empty Budget - Karen Bradley Comments on the Chancellor's Pre-Election Budget

Karen has been advising businesses on the impacts of budgets for many years as a tax expert. So today she casts an expert eye over the Chancellor's announcements. Yet again all we've heard from Labour is political positioning - they have no new ideas, no energy and no plans to get the economy moving. It's an empty budget. The Moorlands will no better off for Alastair Darling's last throw of the dice. 

Listening to Your Views - A Lively Meeting in Brown Edge

Karen has been to hundreds of local events since she was selected nearly four years ago as the Conservative candidate for Staffordshire Moorlands.  Recently she's organised a series of meetings to get to know even more people in the villages across Staffordshire Moorlands. The latest "village meeting" was at the Hollybush in Brown Edge on Monday 29th March. 

Your Leek Paper Features Karen Bradley

One of Karen's local papers has run a feature on Karen in this week's edition - find out what Your Leek Paper said after an in-depth interview with her by clicking here.

Equitable Policyholders Let Down by Labour Again

Equitable Life is the top subject in Karen's post bag.  Policy holders, so badly treated by this Labour Government, have been failed again by Labour MPs who voted against a Conservative motion to deliver the remedy that the independent Ombudsman asked for 18 months ago. Despite it being eighteen months since the Ombudsman published her report on the regulation of Equitable Life, policyholders are no closer to knowing when the first payments will be made to them.

National Policies on Bovine TB Will Help Moorlands Farmers

Karen Bradley accompanied local farmers and NFU reps to meet Jim Paice MP, Shadow Minister for Farming, in Parliament on Wednesday 17 March to explain their problems with bovine TB. Jim sympathised with the farmers' plight and explained the practical plans the Conservatives have to deal with the disease.