Farming Issues To The Fore on the Hustings in the Moorlands

Karen joined her political opponents on the hustings in Horton Village Hall on Friday for an in depth discussion of farming issues. The NFU organised a lively and searching session for the challengers in the general election.

Karen Visits Staffs Moorlands Community Volutary Services

Karen spent a fascinating couple of hours with Jill Norman and her colleagues at the Staffordshire Moorlands Community Voluntary Services in Leek on Thursday. SMCVS is an umbrella organisation for the voluntary sector in the Moorlands, providing help and support in all sorts of way.

Shadow Europe Minister Mark Francois Supports Karen Bradley

Mark Francois, the Shadow Minister for Europe, took time out to support Karen's campaign in Staffordshire Moorlands on Tuesday. Karen and Mark visited the Kerrygold plant in Leek to see one of the area's biggest companies in action.

Supporting Local Pubs and Businesses

Karen Bradley was campaigning in and around Waterhouses on Monday where she met another wide range of businesses from PR agencies to builders merchants - reinforcing her view that the only typical thing about Staffordshire Moorlands is its variety! 

Philip Bradbourn MEP Lends Support to Karen's Campaign

Philip Bradbourn MEP came to Leek on Friday to support Karen Bradley's General Election campaign. As a Member of the European Parliament for the West Midlands, Philip's patch includes all of Staffordshire Moorlands and he was speaking to voters in Leek to help Karen get out the Conservative message.

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi Visits Staffordshire Moorlands

Sayeeda Warsi the Shadow Minister for Community Cohesion and Social Action visited Staffordshire Moorlands to support Karen Bradley's campaign on Friday. Baroness Warsi joined residents at the Bagnall Heights residential care community.

Lively Discussions on the Campaign Trail in Biddulph Park

Karen Bradley carried her campaign for Staffordshire Moorlands to Biddulph Park tonight as a guest of the local residents' association. Karen met local voters and listened to their concerns in a discussion that ranged from the role of the BBC to the voting system.

Leek Livestock Market - A Moorlands Success Story

Karen Bradley visited Leek livestock market today to talk to buyers and sellers about the issues affecting farming today. Leek market is the only livestock market left in Staffordshire and as such an important place for the business of farming.