Weekly Column 29.07.20

I am so proud of all that the Moorlands has to offer to those of us who live here and to the visitors who support the local economy.  Our amazing scenery, welcoming restaurants, pubs and cafes and our fantastic High Streets and markets.  One of the worst things for me during the Covid-19 crisis has been seeing our previously thriving town centres deserted.  So it is great to see people out and about again.

Our local shops have been lifelines for so many.  They have adapted to the crisis by introducing new ways to shop but they are at their best when full of happy customers and that is why it is so important that people have the confidence to visit them again in person.

One of the ways that people can feel more confident that they will be protected from the virus is if everyone wears a face covering.  The chances of an infected person going on to infect others is very much reduced if they are wearing one.  That is why the Government have now made it mandatory to wear a face covering in shops and supermarkets in England.

People who do not wear a face covering will face a fine of up to £100.  Children under 11 and those with certain disabilities are exempt.

Some of you have contacted me concerned that you do not want to wear a facemask, or any other covering.  I understand your concerns, but if this is a way to try to get back to a more normal way of life sooner and to save our High Streets, then it is a price worth paying.

The Government is keeping all guidelines under constant review to ensure that any restrictions are worthwhile measures in the fight against coronavirus, and I urge you to follow the rules.