Weekly Column 26.06.19

The consultation on the Future of Local Health Services and in particular the future of Leek Moorlands Hospital closed on 17 March 2019 and I would like to update local residents on the situation. The many responses have been analysed and a report has been produced which can be accessed on the CCGs website.

The meeting in Common of the North Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Clinical Commissioning Groups’ Governing Bodies held in Public on Tuesday 25 June 2019 was to present this report but please note that no decisions have been made yet.

The feedback from the consultation shows that there is support in the Moorlands to create integrated care hubs and that 65% support hub services to be delivered from the existing but refurbished Leek Moorlands Hospital opposed to 44% support for it to be delivered from a rebuilt facility at the existing site.

There was 65% support for 55 beds at Leek Moorlands Hospital with the rest at Haywood, the preferred option of 55 NHS commissioned assessment beds in local care homes only received 15% support.

There was also disagreement to move certain consultant-led outpatient clinics from LMH to the Royal Stoke.

Governing Body members will receive and consider the feedback and determine which options to put forward to inform the Decision Making Business Case (DMBC)

Should the Governing Bodies agree to move forward, the CCGs will begin a process to develop the DMBC with NHS and local authority commissioning partners.

There are many assurance processes to go through as well and the CCGs aim to complete this by the end of November 2019.

The aim is to take the DMBC to an Extra Ordinary Governing Body in Public in December 2019 and at this point, the Governing Bodies will consider options and decide.