Weekly Column 23.01.19

As your local Member of Parliament, above all else, I am here to help my constituents wherever I can and after what was certainly an eventful week in Westminster, it was back to Staffordshire Moorlands for surgery appointments.

I am always delighted to be invited to local events and to visit schools, charities and businesses but I also run a busy constituency office in Leek where my staff and I try to help local residents with a wide range of issues.

I receive hundreds of emails and letters every week asking for my help and support with all sorts of cases from Council-related matters such as planning or potholes to some very sensitive personal issues.  

Parliamentary protocol dictates that MPs can only correspond with their own constituents so I always ask people writing in to provide their full address. I also have to ask for a completed consent form to comply with data protection rules, if you would like me to raise your concerns with third parties.

Whilst I do not have any direct level of power or intervention over Council- related issues I am always happy to contact them on behalf of constituents should you wish to raise any specific issues.

I am also able to raise your concerns with other third parties such as the relevant Government Minister or the Police or the Environment Agency for example.

Surgery appointments are by appointment only and can be about any subject under the sun. They are often complex and sometimes emotional.

As always, doing my best to help local people in Staffordshire Moorlands is the most important part of the job and it is very rewarding to be able to help where I can. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing me at karen.bradley.mp@parliament.uk if I can be of assistance.