Weekly Column 20.02.19

There has been a lot of talk recently about the consultation on the future of the Leek Moorlands Hospital and I urge everyone to have their say. Sadly the talk seems to be focusing on the issue of the hospital beds rather than the positive, exciting plans for enhanced services and better healthcare.   

There is a perception that a hospital bed is a place of safety but unless you have to be there, it is probably the last place you want to be. Being at home as soon as possible is much better for most people.   

When I had my children, people of my parents’ age were very surprised that I was back home the next day. But I wanted to be at home and not in a hospital bed. I was not ill and being in hospital was not the best thing for me or my children. Things have changed and we have to accept a different kind of care where people shouldn’t be in hospital for more than a few days unless there is a clinical reason for them to stay. 

Although part of the consultation is about where the beds should be located, let’s not forget the options for enhanced services and better care. We should focus on what’s needed – not keeping everything the same for the sake of it.  

I believe that the people of the Moorlands deserve high quality modern health care. I’ve worked hard to make sure the hospital stays in Leek – now it needs to be a hospital and hub with the best healthcare fit for the 21st century.  

We are missing out and I would urge everyone in the Moorlands to take part in the consultation which runs until 17th March, make your views known and not make it all about the beds.