Weekly Column 14.08.19

We have so many great local shops in Staffordshire Moorlands that contribute to the local economy. My family and I enjoy the wealth of products and produce that we have right here on our doorstep and always try to shop locally and support our local businesses. 

I would therefore like to encourage small shopkeepers in Staffordshire Moorlands to enter the Best Small Shops Competition, celebrating the creativity of small shops and the central role they play in their local community.

The Best Small Shops Competition is open to any small shop operating from a business rated premises in the UK although entries must be a non-corporate business selling goods or services for consumption rather than resale.

Submissions will be judged based on a shop's entrepreneurial activities, their impact within the community and innovation in their business.

The competition is free to enter and all shops who enter will also be promoted to consumers through an online Indie Retail Directory.

Shopkeepers have until Monday 9th September to nominate their businesses via www.bestsmallshops.co.uk. A shortlist of 25 of the most impressive applications will be shortlisted by a panel made up of established representatives from the independent retail industry.

The judges will be looking for evidence of a small shops’ entrepreneurial spirit, ways that they have been innovative in their business and what they have done to have a lasting positive impact on their community. 

The shortlisted small shops will be invited to a Parliamentary Reception on 5th November 2019 to find out who will be crowned the Best Small Shop for 2019.

I am hoping that many of the great local shops that we all love will take this opportunity to enter the competition and show the rest of the UK just what a special place we live in.