Weekly Column 01.05.19

Parliament is back after the Easter Recess and last week after Cabinet and a day in Westminster where I made a statement to the House on the appalling murder of the journalist Lyra McKee in Londonderry, I joined the Prime Minister and other political leaders on Wednesday at her funeral at St Anne’s Cathedral in Belfast. 

All of us must take inspiration from what Lyra achieved in her life … in wanting to make Northern Ireland a brighter place for everyone. Lyra once wrote of being part of the Good Friday Agreement Generation and the need to reap the spoils of peace. Our lasting tribute to Lyra will be to ensure that we continue to work for peace for the whole of Northern Ireland. 

It was then back to Staffordshire Moorlands for some surgery appointments and meetings including a catch-up with Councillor Sybil Ralphs MBE and then I headed back to Westminster to meet a group of residents from Staffordshire Moorlands who had travelled down to London by coach for a tour of Parliament. 

I started with a question and answer session and then took them on a tour of the House of Commons including a visit to the Commons Chamber and the Terrace. It is always a pleasure to personally take my constituents on these tours and show them what a very special place Parliament is. 

I have been organising these coach trips for some time now and the feedback has been really positive - anyone interested in coming on future visits should contact the Leek office on 01538 382 421.  

Finally, I have enjoyed campaigning with some of our fantastic Conservative candidates over the past few weeks and would like to wish them all the very best in the Council elections that are taking place on 2nd May.