More Power For Big Energy Week Staffordshire Moorlands

Karen Bradley MP lent her support to the local campaign run by Biddulph Citizens Advice Bureau and Age UK North Staffordshire as part of Big Energy Week - the campaign to let consumers who are struggling with rising energy bills know about all the help that is available. Biddulph CAB and Age UK held two events in Biddulph at Sainsbury's and B&M Bargains as part of Big Energy week, a nationwide advice campaign coordinated by Citizens Advice to help consumers spend less on heating their home.  Karen had attended the launch in Westminster earlier in the week. In Biddulph members of the public were able to take away a wealth of information covering how to save energy, switch suppliers and get a better deal, access discount schemes and what to do if they are in debt to their fuel supplier. Karen said: "The big energy week is a great idea to highlight how people can reduce their spending on energy. This is so important in the Moorlands, where so many people are in fuel poverty and where - given our weather - we really do need to make sure that everyone can afford to keep warm." CAB Manager Maggie Snook said: "More and more people are coming to us for advice on how to spend less on their fuel bills.  Through Big Energy Week we have been able to tell people that help is at hand and that there are things they can do to cut their fuel bills." Maybe add quote from member of the public. You can pick up a leaflet with tips and advice on cutting your fuel bills at Biddulph Citizens Advice Bureau or Age UK North Staffordshire or you can phone the CAB Advice line on 0844 411 1444.  You can also follow the advice below which could help you save money: -       Contact your supplier to check you are you are on the best tariff and payment method for you.  Monthly direct debit is on average £120 cheaper per year than paying by cash or cheque. -       Visit an accredited switching website to see if you could get your energy cheaper elsewhere. You may be able to save up to £200 off your annual bill by shopping around for a different supplier, particularly if you have never changed energy firm. -       Insulate the walls and the loft of your home and you could save on average around £120 per year.  All suppliers are giving away free or discounted insulation - ask if you're eligible so you don't miss out. -       Check you are not missing out on any benefits or tax credits that could boost your income; your local Citizens Advice Bureaux can help you with this.-       Using less energy can save you money just by doing simple things like switiching off appliances at the wall. Turning your thermostat down 1 degree C could cut your heating bill by £60.  If you are unable to pay your bills you should contact your energy supplier immediately as they have to help you manage your bills in a way that you can afford.  If you use heating oil or liquid petroleum gas to heat your home, you could save money by: -       Buying in bulk with your neighbours; check if there is an oil club you can join or start one up. -       Shop around and compare prices from different oil suppliers. -       Insulate your home - you may also be eligible for free or cheap insulation from your energy company. The picture shows (l to r) Tracey Daly (Age UK), David Tomley (CAB), Matthew Tolley, Maggie Snook (CAB) and Karen at the stand inside B & M Bargains.