Lively Discussions on the Campaign Trail in Biddulph Park

Karen Bradley carried her campaign for Staffordshire Moorlands to Biddulph Park tonight as a guest of the local residents' association. Karen met local voters and listened to their concerns in a discussion that ranged from the role of the BBC to the voting system.
An interested audience asked Karen questions over a wide range of issues tonight in the local resident's association meeting. There was no sign of a lack of interest in politics as the audience put their concerns on many issues. Karen was asked about Conservative policy on public spending and public sector jobs, PFI, the role of the BBC, immigration, and the voting system. Karen said:
"It was a really interesting meeting and the residents of Biddulph Park are clearly very interested in politics. I don't think people are put off politics when they get the chance to get their views across. People of the Moorlands care about their home and their country. I'd be honoured if they support me in the election and I am commited to speaking up for them in Parliament." 
Karen is pictured speaking at the meeting at Biddulph Park Church and with Cllr Ian Lawson and supporters.