Leek Livestock Market - A Moorlands Success Story

Karen Bradley visited Leek livestock market today to talk to buyers and sellers about the issues affecting farming today. Leek market is the only livestock market left in Staffordshire and as such an important place for the business of farming. Karen met many local farmers who wanted to know what a Conservative government would do to help the dairy sector and how David Cameron and George Osborne would get the economy back on its feet. On the day that the Conservative manifesto was launched, Karen was able to explain how Conservatives will give power back to the people and how they will give rural areas the attention that Labour has deliberately neglected. Karen said "Our policies will remove paperwork and reduce unnecessary farming regulations. We'll also make it easier to buy British with much better food labelling. A key issue is also to reform the CAP [Common Agricultural Policy] so we make sure the UK and the Moorlands' farming is secure for the long term".  The Conservative manifesto sets out a clear way forward to improve farming and revive our rural economy. You can see it here.