Karen introduces Company Transparency, Carbon in Supply Chains Bill in Parliament  

Moorlands MP, Karen Bradley introduced her Company Transparency, Carbon in Supply Chains Bill in Parliament today which would require companies to prepare an annual statement on carbon in their supply chains; and for connected purposes.

The UK is hosting this year’s international meeting on climate change, the COP 26 meeting which gives us a unique opportunity to show what we are doing. 

However, Karen believes that an area where we could do more is by encouraging businesses to act responsibly and reduce the carbon that goes into making the products they sell. 

Karen’s Company Transparency, Carbon in Supply Chains Bill, if it became law, would require large companies to make an annual statement on their websites about what they are doing to ensure their supply chains are as green as possible.  The Bill is based on a measure that she introduced as a Minister to make companies declare what steps they are taking to identify and eliminate modern slavery in their supply chains. 


Karen said,

“Tackling climate change is one of the greatest challenges that we face today.  There are many steps that we can all take and I am pleased that the UK was the first developed country to pass into law that we will be carbon neutral by 2050, but this is a global problem and we can only tackle it if we work with other countries and show global leadership.

“Making sure that those supply chains are clean and green is really important and knowing what businesses are doing to ensure this is something that we, their customers, need to know. 

“This week is the first step and I will continue to push to introduce this measure, which would be the first of its kind, to make sure that businesses do the right thing.”