Green Treehouse Charity Calendar On Sale Now!

Karen sold the first copy of the Green Treehouse’s 2014 charity calendar on Saturday at the Biddulph Methodist Church. 

Green Treehouse is a charity set up by Amanda Beech and a loyal team of supporters who want to raise money to help provide facilities for children in Biddulph.  

Karen said: "I was delighted to be asked to launch the Green Treehouse's new calendar. Amanda is tireless in her efforts to benefit children in Biddulph with her aim to build a soft play facility. I really hope she can find the land she is looking for - I am sure the children - and their parents would really enjoy enjoy a soft play area." 

Karen sold the first calendar to Pam Butler, Minister at Biddulph Methodist Church.  The calendar shows photos of Biddulph children in local small businesses benefiting the charity and promoting its supporters. Karen's copy will be displayed in her office.