Brexit Statement 22.01.19

Last week I voted for a deal that delivers on the result of the referendum. One that sees the end of the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, that ends us having to pay vast sums to Brussels every week, that means that the UK Parliament decides on our immigration policy and that sees the UK leaving both the EU customs union and single market but which crucially protects jobs and security. 

I welcome the Prime Minister’s statement yesterday where she updated MPs on finding a way forward on Brexit, following constructive meetings with MPs from all parties last week.

The Prime Minister made the following key commitments:

  • We will be more flexible, open and inclusive in how we engage Parliament in the next phase of negotiations;


  • We will embed the strongest possible protections on workers’ rights and the environment – including looking at legislation where necessary;


  • We will work to identify how we can ensure that our commitment to no hard border in Northern Ireland can be delivered in a way that commands the support of MPs and the European Union;


  • And we will waive the application fee for EU nationals who wish to stay through our settlement scheme.


In doing so, we will honour the mandate of the British people and leave the EU in a way that benefits Staffordshire Moorlands and every part of our United Kingdom and every citizen of our country.

Over the coming days, the Prime Minister and Ministerial colleagues will continue to meet with MPs and representatives from business groups and trade unions to try and find the broadest possible consensus on a way forward.

We are disappointed that Jeremy Corbyn has, so far, decided not to accept the offer of discussing this issue with the Prime Minister, but our door is always open.