Leek Moorlands Hospital

I have received many emails and letters concerning Leek Moorlands Hospital and would like to update Moorlands residents on the situation.

I have always used Leek Moorlands Hospital and my family and I would always want to be treated there. I believe that saving Leek Moorlands Hospital is not about politics as some people are saying, but about everyone coming together on a cross-party basis to do the very best for Staffordshire Moorlands.

I have called for and attended many meetings to discuss the Leek Moorlands Hospital including meetings with the Health Secretary and the Director of the STP where I have explained the issues facing the Hospital to them and have been clear about the need for Leek to have the right services under one roof.

Working on a cross-party basis, I have also held meetings with the Save Leek Hospital Action group as well as the Leader of the District Council, Cllr Sybil Ralphs MBE and have sent representatives to all CCG meetings when I have been unable to attend due to my Parliamentary duties.

Following the closure of beds at Leek Moorlands Hospital and a meeting with the Interim Chair at UHNM, I have written to the Health Secretary and the CCG asking them to give serious consideration to re-opening the beds at the Leek Moorlands Hospital due to the situation at the UHNM Royal Stoke Hospital where they are experiencing an incredibly challenging period struggling to cope with the winter bed deficit.

I would like to thank the hundreds of local people who took the time to complete my hospital survey, the redacted results have now been sent to the CCG and shared with the Save Leek Hospital Action group.


January 26th 2018

Cllr Sybil Ralphs MBE  and I welcomed a meeting  in Leek with Marcus Warnes and Cllr Alan White to discuss Leek Moorlands Hospital.

It was a good meeting with Marcus Warnes (CCG) and Cllr Alan White (SCC) and we were reassured that the County Council and CCG are committed to improving facilities at Leek Moorlands in both health and care. They committed that 2018 would be a year of engagement and consultation with 2019 being the year of delivery of services that meet the health and care needs of the people of Leek and the Moorlands.


March 8th 2018

I was pleased that despite the bad weather, many Staffordshire Moorlands residents managed to get down to London for the NHS Care for All Campaign meeting in Parliament. With an Urgent Question on Northern Ireland, I was only able to pop in briefly but a staff member was present throughout the meeting to take notes and report back.

I also recently contacted the Health Minister, Steve Barclay MP regarding residents’ concerns that Leek Moorlands Hospital will no longer be called a ‘hospital’ following a review of local community hospital provision.

I have now received a response from the Health Minister where he assures me that the Department has made enquiries through NHS Improvement and has been assured by the Chief Executive of the Trust that there is categorically no intention to drop the name of Hospital from Leek Moorlands.