Investing in the NHS

I am very proud of the NHS and will make sure it is valued and protected. We have been able to protect the NHS by increasing spending since 2010 because of the Government's long-term economic plan. You can only have a strong NHS if you have a healthy economy.

The Government has committed to increasing NHS spending in England by £10 billion per annum in real terms by 2020/21, of which £6 billion will be delivered by the end of 2016/17. This will allow the NHS to offer 800,000 more operations and treatments and spend up to £2 billion more on new drugs. It will also ensure that by 2020, everyone will be able to access GP services at evenings and weekends.

As the jewel in the crown of the National Health Service, I am dedicated to supporting General Practice and I am delighted that the Government is doing so much to help our GPs.

What the Government has pledged

  • The NHS will set aside an extra £2.4 billion a year for GP services by 2020/21, up nearly a third from £7.3bn in 2015 to £9.3bn in 2020/21
  • This investment will be supplemented by a £500 million ‘Sustainability and Transformation’ package to help GP practices add to the workforce and tackle workload
  • The Government will deliver 5,000 additional doctors working in General Practice by 2020, through new incentives for training, recruitment, retention and return to practice.


What the Government has done already

  • Since 2010 the number of GPs has increased by 5% with 1,700 more working or in training.
  • The Government are working with the Royal College of General Practitioners on a national marketing campaign to encourage medical students to choose general practice. This campaign started this year with 300 more applicants attracted into recruitment as a result.
  • An induction and ‘returner’ scheme for GPs returning to the profession from overseas or from a career break has been refreshed and now includes support with the cost of returning to general practice. Over 50 GPs have already taken up this offer.
  • The Government has invested £220 million in the GP contract for 2016/17, in recognition of rising financial pressures facing some practices. This figure is more than double last year’s investment and seven times the investment compared to 2014/15. 


It's thanks to our growing economy and the Government's decisions that it can support this investment in a stronger NHS. This will secure a better future for Britain, where you can be sure that the NHS will always be there for you in Staffordshire Moorlands.