Get Brexit Done

January 15th 2020

Last week saw us back in Parliament, working to get the EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill through in time for the UK to leave the EU on 31 January, something I know people in the Moorlands want us to do. On Thursday at the third reading, the Commons voted 330 to 231 in favour and the Bill will now pass to the Lords for scrutiny.


December 2019

The public voted for a Government that would get Brexit done and move this country forward - and that’s exactly what we intend to do.

  • During the Queen’s Speech, this people's Government will start repaying the trust placed in us and delivering on people’s priorities. We will invest in our National Health Service, in our schools, in creating safer streets, and building a better Britain for everyone in this country, regardless of how they voted.
  • And by getting Brexit done, this One Nation Conservative Government will help this country move forward. That’s why the first piece of legislation new MPs will vote on will be the Withdrawal Agreement Bill – fulfilling our Manifesto commitment to bring it back before Christmas.
  • Our Manifesto committed to not extending the implementation period beyond 31 December 2020 and the new Withdrawal Agreement Bill will legally prohibit Government agreeing to any extension.