Alstonefield Parish COVID-19 ACTION & SUPPORT GROUP

Alstonefield Parish COVID-19 ACTION & SUPPORT GROUP

There is now a very real possibility that the U.K. Government may soon ask all persons over 70 years of age and persons who are vulnerable due to pre-existing medical conditions to self isolate to protect themselves from contracting the COVID-19 Virus.

In response to this possibility a number of Alstonefield residents are happy to provide support for residents who may need help should and when such isolation measures take effect.

Specifically the volunteers can perform the following:

1. Shop for food and essentials for isolated residents who do not have immediate family/neighbour who can provide support.

2. Collect medication and prescriptions from pharmacies.

3. Helping with other tasks which are essential to maintaining as near a normal existence as possible such as posting items etc.

4. Provide social contact for individuals who are in need of reassurance.

There will be households that already have support in place through family,friends or neighbours. Should such support become unavailable due to someone becoming ill the volunteers can step in to help. Additionally there may be cases where an individual or family who are NOT in the over 70 or vulnerable category who become ill and have to self isolate. The volunteers can provide support to these individuals.

Please give me a ring to let us know you are okay or if you might need help in the future.

The main point of contact will be Charlie Mcilroy at Fynderne House who will coordinate volunteers.  

If you would like to volunteer to help please contact Charlie. Tel: 01335 310293 Charlie Mobile 07930001374

For more information on the virus or are worried you may have symptoms please visit:   or Only call 111 helpline if you are unable to go online. For all other emergencies please call 999 and also the AVETS scheme.